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From the Captain:

Let me share some background information about myself and my journey that has led me to the fisherman that I am today. My first fishing trip was at the age of 7, back in 1982, with my father Jerry Cook.  At that moment I knew this was something I really enjoyed and wanted to make it a big part of my life. There is nothing more fulfilling then being out on the water doing what you love to do, and for me that is fishing. The excitement I had on that first trip still shows every time I head out of the harbor.

By the age of 14 I mated with Captain Craig Burch for about 8 years and then mated with Captain Sam Ciaramitaro for about another 8 years out of Grindstone, MI. Both were great mentors, showing great guidance and teaching me that fishing required patience and knowledge.  I feel honored to have had the chance to learn more than I could have ever asked for from both of those great fishing captains. Some of their great techniques that they passed onto me were setting the lines, trolling at just the right speed, netting the fish effectively, and all the different lures to use, rather it was sunny or cloudy, or even that time of the year effects how the fish will bite. They also showed me what it meant to have great customer service in order to really guarantee a great fishing trip.  I couldn’t thank them both enough for what they have done for me.

I have since completed my schooling and received my charter captain license in 2009. Looking back I have realized I have been fishing now for over 30 years.  This not only brings a smile to my face, but being out on the water and being able to share my love of fishing, as well as my knowledge with my customers brings me satisfaction and joy. Being able to see the smiles on my customers face as they reel in that fish and get it into the boat is priceless to me.  I do this so that people can make memories, share memories, and experience fishing first hand. There is nothing more rewarding than to share a great experience with my customers. From families to friends who want to go out fishing know that I take pride in finishing a fishing charter with a smile on everyone’s face, a great memory, and some fresh caught fish.

AboutThe Boat

  • The Fin-Lander is a fully equipped 31 foot open Tiara
  • Includes all of the latest technology for offshore fishing
  • Spacious enclosed cabin
  • Private bathroom

  • U.S.C.G. licensed with all of the required U.S.C.G. certified safety equipment
  • Plenty of room and seating
  • Michigan DNR inspected
  • Fully insured